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Providing IT and telecoms services throughout the UK, we offer clients various solutions to achieve the most out of technology to suit your budget.  Contact us to take advantage of a free consultation so we can demonstrate to you how technology can help your business.

IT Support

We provide a thorough proactive solution supporting your IT infrastructure, we offer various levels of support whether to complement your current IT department or if you wish to outsource all support services to Solution Cloud.

VoIP Services

Whilst VoIP is not new technology, its popularity has been increasingly growing as internet connections get faster and more reliable, at Solution Cloud the only phone systems that we deal with are IP based systems so you can be assured you are dealing with the experts.

Cloud Solutions

Offering a large number of cloud solutions Solution Cloud have the technology to suit companies of any size and any budget.  Our latest service offering is our hosted desktop service which provides you with a desktop from anywhere in the world on virtually any device


At Solution Cloud we have Prince II accredited project managers and ITIL trained staff, this coupled with our technical expertise makes us the number one choice when looking for a consultant to advise, plan and deliver a solution – or we can provide just part of the process.

Internet Services

Solution Cloud have partnered with the top internet service providers to bring you the best reliability and value internet connectivity. All of our products come with a fixed IP and unlimited download quotas.

Wifi Solutions

Businesses that supply their customers with free WiFi have a competitive edge over their rivals, not only does it help to achieve customer loyalty, build better customer relationships and links into social media but we can provide the technology to provide minute by minute data.

Solution Cloud

Proactive, Not Reactive.

Most Popular Hosted Solutions

Hosted Desktop Solution

With HDS you get exactly what you want, the Microsoft® Windows Desktop – without the large bill for expensive servers, hardware and constant renewing of software licenses. By handling all routine updates for you, this simple service allows you to concentrate on what you and your business do best.

easy configuration

Opening a new site or moving location normally comes with a huge IT bill, buying new servers and PC’s for staff. You can reduce this cost by purchasing thin client devices and Hosted Desktops for staff, which will also enable them to work from any office.

From as little as £25

As you only pay for what you use, you can establish clear fixed costs for budgeting. Move your IT spend from large, irregular one-off CAPEX payments to small, regular monthly OPEX payments, great for managing cash flow.


Business StartUp IT and Telecom Packages

Solution Cloud have created the perfect packages for start-up and small businesses, these packages are designed to remove the headache out of IT and Telecoms and enables you to dedicated your time and energy to growing a successful business. Contact our sales team for more details or order online.